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We are all undergoing massive change – the transformation from an industrial to a knowledge society. This change presents new challenges for everyone involved. We may meet these new challenges with new approaches

The Falkenhaus BUSINESS ACADEMY wants to present innovative methods and tools in the business context such as speech and video analysis, animal-assisted coaching with horses, falcon training, graphic recording, strategy gaming and others, to give you and your employees new inspiration for the future. An effective and fast method with a long-lasting effect is equine-assisted coaching.

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The following training programmes with equine-assisted coaching can be arranged individually for you, your company and your team. You can choose from different modules for the optimum success of your workshop or training. We will be happy to provide you with further details.

Workshops and Coaching

Equine-assisted coaching is experience-based learning. Observations and exercises with the horses as well as coaching questions stimulate self-reflection.

     » Goal definition
     » Experiencing exercises and encounters with the horse
     » Self-reflection and self-awareness through coaching questions
     » Transfer into everyday (work) life
     » Development of new strategies

Equine-assisted coaching is …

... fast.
The horse and the environment appeal to many senses and address the emotional sphere. Especially the initial analysis of the current situation is thus accelerated to the maximum compared to coaching without a horse. Horses are flight animals and perceive the smallest changes in behaviour more quickly than humans and respond to them immediately.

... effective.
When we are with horses, we are in a natural and perfect learning environment. In the proximity of the animals, our body releases the hormone oxytocin, which helps us to access feelings and bodily sensations more easily. This makes us more receptive to our environment and ourselves.

... neutral.
Horses, unlike us humans, evaluate every situation one hundred percent neutrally, without bias and, above all, always anew. They have no projections towards us humans. For this reason, they do not react to our disguises, learned behavioural patterns, self-dramatizing or manipulations.

… long-lasting.
The particularly lasting effect comes from the striking and often imposing way in which horses mirror their counterparts and thus trigger the reflection process. Learning on all levels, that is by observing, feeling, interacting and above all by experience, leads to a deep impact on consciousness.


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Verena Lienhardt has been working in PR, events and marketing for international fashion, beauty, lifestyle and health brands for more than ten years. Since 2019, she has been working as a self-employed communications consultant and equine-assisted coach, primarily in the corporate sector. She trained as a coach with Carsten and Manuela Essig.


Our Horses

Your Co-Coaches


Lusitano gelding, born 2009

Elmo is extremely sensitive and a rather reserved horse. As a dressage horse he is trained up to Grand Prix. He learns very fast and remembers everything! In coaching he shows a lot of sensitivity and “understanding”.


Lusitano stallion, born 2009

Gipci is absolutely fearless in all areas. He is already experienced in competitions up to the high class of dressage. He coaches very convincingly together with the trainer, but also likes to receive clear instructions.


Trakehner mare, born 2008

Lilly is a beautiful and lovable mare. She loves interacting with people and coaches very clearly and directly. Although she is high in the blood, almost nothing can upset her during coaching.

Happy Harald

Mini Shetland pony, born 2005

Happy Harald is our Mini Shetland pony. With his small size, he is well suited for coaching with children and people who are afraid of horses. However, he should not be underestimated. Happy Harald is a full member of the coaching family and has a very strong character.


Lusitano mare, born 2020

Piri is our trainee in coaching. She is a highly motivated and very calm young mare which makes her an excellent choice for co-coaching. Pirilampo is very direct and clear in her behaviour. Soon she will start her job and will be available for personal and team trainings


All our horses are used to working with people on a daily basis. The safety of our clients is a top priority in our coaching sessions. However, horses are flight animals, and we kindly ask our guests and clients to ALWAYS follow the instructions of the human coaches and staff, in any situation. Please let us know BEFORE the start of the coaching session if you are afraid of horses or if anything causes you concern.

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