Lusitano – the perfect partner

There are many words to describe the horse of the Portuguese kings, the Lusitano, but there are never enough! This breed combines a strength and sensitivity that for me are unique in the equestrian world. Their willingness to perform, their willpower and their courage make Lusitanos the perfect partner for humans.

Our horses are trained athletic riding horses, but as co-trainers in our seminars they show their special talent. Due to their sensitivity and curiosity, they do have the ability to stand as a mirror to us humans. They show very quickly if our inner balance is in equilibrium and which issues are bothering us.

In the following we introduce you to our four-legged co-trainers: Elmo – Egipcio – Merengue – Happy Harald.

Eva Klautke & Team
Schloss Falkenhaus Lusitanos

Elmo is extremely sensitive and a rather reserved horse. As a dressage horse he is trained up to Grand Prix. He learns very fast and remembers everything! In coaching he shows a lot of sensitivity and “understanding”.

Gipci is absolutely fearless in all areas. He is already experienced in competitions up to the high class of dressage. He coaches very convincingly together with the trainer, but also likes to receive clear instructions.

Merengue is an extremely playful, smart and very teachable young stallion who is currently in training to become a dressage horse. Along the way, he is also learning how to work as a co-coach. Soon he will be able to mirror the skills of our participants. We are looking forward to working with him in the future.

Happy Harald is our Mini Shetland pony. With his small size, he is especially suited for coaching children or people who are afraid of horses. However, he should not be underestimated. Happy Harald is a full member of the coaching family and has a very strong character. Like Merengue, he is still in training for coaching.


We will be happy to assist you in finding your perfect match.

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