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"I can do things you cannot, you can do things I cannot, together we can do great things"
(Mother Teresa)

Home office and remote working from all over the world have rapidly changed the way we work in recent years, allowing many employees more flexibility in their daily lives. At the same time, it is important to master the balancing act between onsite and remote work, especially within team structures. Our equine-assisted teambuilding workshops provide you with valuable insights into the current team situation. The feedback and team culture are particularly scrutinized. The goal of the workshop is to make patterns and disagreements in your teams neutrally visible through the horses and to dissolve them in the long term.

In our equine-assisted teambuilding workshops the participants learn and experience the following:

  • Are the roles of the individual employees still fitting?
  • How do we communicate with each other?
  • What is our common goal?
  • And how do we get there?

Team coaching is about reflecting on the team as a whole and thus strengthening it. To that end, we address current challenges such as defining the roles of the individual team members, resolving internal conflicts, or developing a team vision. The main focus is always on communication with each other.

Our workshops usually start with a joint team task that matches the briefing in order to reveal unconscious mechanisms and interactions. The following agenda develops according to the topics that arise. Usually, it’s a game with perspectives, changing observers and active participants. In our workshops, we place a high value on time for reflection, that is, extensive breaks that allow the participants to process what they have experienced.

For 2-day workshops and groups of up to ten people, we recommend including a short individual coaching session for each employee on the second day. The reason for this is that the first day often brings up personal issues for the employees, which are better dealt with in a one-on-one coaching session.

A final and detailed conclusion of the workshop is particularly important to us – preferably in a relaxed atmosphere at breakfast. This also includes a further reference to the company’s values. A follow-up discussion will take place approximately four weeks after the workshop.

We are also happy to accompany your teams selectively in-house after the workshop.

Teambuilding with Horsepower

Dates by arrangement
1- to 3-day training possible

Photos: Franziska Spindler

How do we communicate with each other? Who has which role? Where does the existing disharmony come from? What is our common goal? And how do we get there? These questions will be answered quickly, neutrally and with a long-lasting effect through the unique reflection with the horses. Enjoy an innovative and moving coaching experience for the whole team!

Further information and a detailed workshop agenda are available on request.

Demo coaching in advance is possible.

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